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Bible Study Group

Thursday from 1:30 – 3 pm.

Read Acts 7:17-34 and reflect on the following questions:
1. Why is Moses such a defining character to the Jewish people?
2.What was Stephen getting at by retelling the story of Moses?
3. Why is it so important that we do like Stephen does here and accurately tell the story of what God has done before?
4. When we lose the “big picture” of God’s story, we run the risk of getting out of step with what God is doing?
5. read Acts 7:35-53
6. What is the main point Stephen is making?
7. When did Israel’s problem with idolatry begin?
8. Do Christians today still fall into idolatry?
9. Being a martyr is being a witness. What does Stephen’s martyrdom give witness to?

The above questions were taken from Dr. N.T. Wright’s Acts – Extra Teaching Points #9. Further commentary on the questions may obtained through an interpreter’s bible or by accessing the web site www.greateraltonchurch.org.

Everyone is welcome to attend!