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Join us for a ‘fellowship hour’ each week after worship for a snack and beverage. 

Is Hospitality Biblical or Just Being Friendly

Why do we have fellowship after church and what is the significance of this gathering for Christians? Dr. N.T. Wright comments that the notion of the “refreshment” we receive when the faith community gathers (Acts 3: V19) was unusual in the new testament. He states, “However, it is by no means unusual in the Christian experience…again and again in worship and sacrament, in reading and scripture, in fellowship and prayer we taste in advance just a little bit of the coming together of Heaven and Earth, the sense that this is what we are made for, the new world which we will finally enjoy. It is available for all who seriously seek it.”

Wright, N.T. Acts – Extra Teaching Points #5 – Acts 3:17 – 4:22 http://www.greateraltonchurch.org/Acts/ActsETP5.pdf