Current Board Members

Chair: Jason Splett                                         Secretary: Donna Neufeld

Vice Chair: Vacant                                          Treasurer: Todd Kruk

Past Chair: Miranda Edwards


Business Administration:       Barry Hill – Convenor
Marv Pidhorny, Murray McMillan, Larry Sage, Dave Thompson

Christian Education:               Convenor – Vacant
Deidree Placatka, Alison Murray, Lois Riley, Patricia King-Doctrove (ad-hoc member for Cradle Roll)

Equity and Diversity:              Al Friesen – Convenor
Alison Murray, Donna Neufeld, Doug Neufeld, Barb Roberds

Ministry and Personnel:         Miranda Edwards – Convenor
Pat Bowslaugh, Barb Janzen, Larry Sage

Outreach:                               Connie Haigh – Convenor
Linda Friesen, Kathy Knight, Marc Mercure, Heather Moore, Lois Riley

Pastoral Care:                        Darlynne Smith – Convenor
Carolyn Heard, Mabel Ramsay, Irene Smith, Tina Ure  
Newsletter -Darlynne Smith

Property:                                Murray McMillan – Convenor
Rick Church, Barry Hill, Keith Privat, Ken Winstone

Worship:                                 Alan Silvius – Convenor
Miranda Edwards, Angela Johnston, Sherri Splett

Prairie to Pine Regional Representatives:
Alison Murray, Darlynne Smith

Trustees:                                Gloria McMillan – Chair
Alan Silvius, Dave Thompson, Marlane Wilson, Doug Neufeld, Miranda Edwards

UCW:                                      Irene Thompson – Chair           

About Us

Established in 1962, Trinity United is an Affirming church located in Brandon’s South End.

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