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  • Lois Park Concert & Farewell ~~ Aug. 26th, 2018

    Posted on:Jul 28 2018

    Trinity’s Pianist, Lois Park, is leaving Trinity, with her last day being August 26th.  She will be providing a concert during the Sunday morning worship that day.

    Lois has been with Trinity for 6 years, and is leaving for Victoria to be closer to her family and further her education by working toward her Master’s.

    We will miss her and wish her our very best.  There will be a gift of money collected in the next weeks as well as a potluck luncheon following service.  Anyone is welcome to join us!

    Trinity Office:  204 728-4796

  • Search for Music Director and Pianist

    Posted on:Jul 28 2018

    Trinity United Church

    is looking for a Music Director and a Pianist.


    Music Director.

    This position is permanent part-time,

     nine months per year, September to May.

    Trinity is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic person to plan and provide spiritually meaningful musical

    leadership for their choir and congregation.

    Hours of work are variable, but generally include

    Thursday evening choir practice as well as choir

    rehearsal and church service Sunday mornings.

    Previous experience would be an asset

    but it is not required.

    Applications accepted until Aug. 16th,  2018.

    Start date is September 1, 2018.

    Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

    Send inquiries and or resumes to :

    Gloria McMillan at glmc@wcgwave.ca


    Trinity United Church, Brandon, MB has an opening for a pianist.  This is a permanent part-time position to commence September 1st , 2018.  The pianist works as part of the music and         worship teams to provide musical leadership for the congregation.  Hours of work are  variable but generally include Thursday evening choir practice as well

    as choir rehearsal and church service Sunday morning.

    Applications accepted until August 16th, 2018.

    Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

    Please submit resume to

    Gloria McMillan @ glmc@wcgwave.ca



  • Trinitopics and Church Announcements

    Posted on:Jun 30 2018

    #13 Trinitopics and Announcements July 26th, 2018

    #12 Trinitopics and Announcements June 28th, 2018

  • Christian Book Review

    Posted on:Dec 14 2016

    Book Reviews

    Jacket cover of The Question that Never Goes Away - WHY by Philip Yancey
     THE QUESTION THAT NEVER GOES AWAY – WHY?  by Philip Yancey. The theme of the book emphasizes the challenge of finding meaning in the midst of suffering. In other words, the book addresses our cry of “WHY GOD”  exemplified by  three  devastating calamities that have stunned us with horror: The Newtown murder of  primary grade children; the death of 19,000 Japanese as a result of the tsunami;  the 11,000 men, women, and children killed by sniper fire in Sarajevo, during Yugoslavia’s civil war.  Yancey shares his own life experience as he reconciles God’s presence when he experiences suffering,  as part of his own life journey,  The insight Yancey shares with us will hopefully provide spiritual nurture in responding to our own times of suffering.
     Jacket cover of Real Good Church
    REAL GOOD CHURCH by Rev. Molly Phinney Baskette She writes about how her church came back from the dead, and yours can too. They went from 6 children in their Sunday School to close to 100.
    EXECUTE YOUR VISION  by Bill Easum Because we have been talking a lot about visioning lately, this gives some practical ideas on the subject, and how to put them into action.


  • Minutes of Trinity's Monthly Board Meetings

    Posted on:Nov 14 2016





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  • Trinity UCW

    Posted on:Jun 23 2016


    Trinity UCW meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:15 except in September and January.  Those months it meets on the second Tuesday starting at 1:15.

    Next meeting is Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

  • Trinity Policy Manual

    Posted on:Apr 14 2016

    Trinity United Church Policy Manual

    Trinity United Church Policy Manual Index

    Church Value Statement for Trinity United Church


    On Line Purchases for Trinity


    Rental Rates Policy

    Wedding Policy





  • Trinity Choir

    Posted on:Mar 3 2016

    Trinity Choir meets Wednesday or Thursday  evenings starting at 7 pm.

    Trinity is searching for a new Music Director  & a Pianist with a start date of September 1st, 2018.

    If you are looking for such a job or know someone who is, please contact Gloria McMillan  glmc@wcgwave.ca


    Everyone is welcome to come on out and join in the

    fun and learning.

  • Trinity Official Board Meeting

    Posted on:Dec 23 2015

    Next meeting:

    Tuesday, September 11 2018

    7:00 pm

  • Bible Study Group

    Posted on:Sep 12 2015

    Bible Study Group

    Thursday from 1:30 – 3 pm.

    Read Acts 7:17-34 and reflect on the following questions:
    1. Why is Moses such a defining character to the Jewish people?
    2.What was Stephen getting at by retelling the story of Moses?
    3. Why is it so important that we do like Stephen does here and accurately tell the story of what God has done before?
    4. When we lose the “big picture” of God’s story, we run the risk of getting out of step with what God is doing?
    5. read Acts 7:35-53
    6. What is the main point Stephen is making?
    7. When did Israel’s problem with idolatry begin?
    8. Do Christians today still fall into idolatry?
    9. Being a martyr is being a witness. What does Stephen’s martyrdom give witness to?

    The above questions were taken from Dr. N.T. Wright’s Acts – Extra Teaching Points #9. Further commentary on the questions may obtained through an interpreter’s bible or by accessing the web site www.greateraltonchurch.org.

    Everyone is welcome to attend!