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Book Reviews

Jacket cover of The Question that Never Goes Away - WHY by Philip Yancey
 THE QUESTION THAT NEVER GOES AWAY – WHY?  by Philip Yancey. The theme of the book emphasizes the challenge of finding meaning in the midst of suffering. In other words, the book addresses our cry of “WHY GOD”  exemplified by  three  devastating calamities that have stunned us with horror: The Newtown murder of  primary grade children; the death of 19,000 Japanese as a result of the tsunami;  the 11,000 men, women, and children killed by sniper fire in Sarajevo, during Yugoslavia’s civil war.  Yancey shares his own life experience as he reconciles God’s presence when he experiences suffering,  as part of his own life journey,  The insight Yancey shares with us will hopefully provide spiritual nurture in responding to our own times of suffering.
 Jacket cover of Real Good Church
REAL GOOD CHURCH by Rev. Molly Phinney Baskette She writes about how her church came back from the dead, and yours can too. They went from 6 children in their Sunday School to close to 100.
EXECUTE YOUR VISION  by Bill Easum Because we have been talking a lot about visioning lately, this gives some practical ideas on the subject, and how to put them into action.